Travel Tips

Perhaps you’re a seasoned pro at traveling for business or pleasure or maybe you’re taking a trip for the first time. Regardless of the level of your experience, the links below will ensure your next adventure is as smooth as possible. For specific information regarding airline policies, please contact the airline you are traveling with directly.

What To Bring:
Government Issues ID
Boarding Passes
Carry-on Bag
Checked Luggage
Tablet or Laptop
Universal Chargers
Empty Water Bottle
Neck Pillow
Ziplock Bag

Healthy Tips:
Eat before you fly
Leave valuables at home
Arrive 2 hours before flight time
Research the Weather

What to Wear
Comfortable Outfit
Easy Slip-On Shoes
Light Sweater
Minimize Layering
Avoid Belts, Boots, Heavy Coats, Hats, Chains, and Jewelry

Check out these links for more travel information.

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